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                                                                     15th January 2022

                                                      Lord Osu 


This was written by a friend of mine who astral travels nearly every night, he had shown me some of his travels and l was blown away by what l read so l asked him if he could travel for me and ask those he works with who l am and this is what he wrote. This man Angus Cooper has only been in my life for a few years now and doesn't really know much about me and here is the story of who l am 


I had entered through a beautiful portal, though now as I write this, I do not remember the details. As it was, I had accumulated a lot of stresses throughout the day, and had began travelling whilst in an angry state. The result was fine, it just limited my initial awareness as anger, like we all know, is one of the great constrictors. Oddly, I arrived in a pine forest plantation I used to go to often in my younger days, and I at first didn’t recognise it. Celeste was there, of course, waiting for me. I talked with her for a long while - asking her the questions so many of us are wanting the answers to right now. She knows me well, however, in most ways better than I know myself - she danced around the questions, repeating answers back at me that I already knew but that I was currently too… impatient to hold. It finished with her saying that eternal truth I’ve had from her so very often now - ‘Stop waiting for the world to bring you peace. It won’t. It will always bring you what you are holding. And what, right now, are you holding?’ Yes. She was right. Infuriatingly so, particularly in that moment. But I took her point - I saw the anger around me now - a great red ring that pulsed into my skull and heart. I watched it, watched how it rattled and emanated, drawing charges into and out of my system. It had grown strong in recent days, but was still substantially weaker than it had been in my younger years. I acknowledged it, then set about my work as best I could. I went back into my mind, asking what the jobs were I had. Ah! My friend Tony! He had asked if I could look into his situation - and goodness me I was (am) grateful to do so. So I put out the mental call - what can I know for my friend Tony? Estelle appeared beside me, arriving in a rush of blue and white light that dissipated in an instant. She walked a step or two, looking into the night, then back at me. ‘You know this is a major story, don’t you?’ She asked me. ‘I figure it would be, yes.’ She smiled. Then Celeste smiled. ‘We worked very hard, you know, to link you with him. The way things were then…’ She shook her head. ‘It was difficult, because it was all a question of timing. And the timing had to be perfect - which, in the end it was.’ I knew what they were talking about. I had met Tony around the beginning of 2019, through a friend of a friend. There’s an immensely long story there, but what I can say, with absolute certainty, is that he saved my life that day. Through healing powers I had not experienced, even in India, he took me from the brink and placed me somewhere far less grim. In the weeks that followed, he did the same thing again, but that time, put me on a trajectory that would see the end of the worst of despair and a beginning toward happiness once more. One day, probably soon now that I am thinking back on it, I will write up those encounters - they are most assuredly worth reading. So - they, Estelle and Celeste, had pulled the strings in the background, aligning everybody, Tony included, to put us all on the same vibration. But I realised, even then, it wasn’t that they had to fight to make the meeting happen - that part was already done. It was the timing - it was keeping both me, and Tony, in a receptive state for long enough that our paths would cross. And they succeeded. Estelle looked at me with solemn eyes. I knew this cue. I slowed down my mind, letting it wander from the past and settle in a place where she could deliver information to me. And she did. I was transported - a point of awareness moving through aeons of time - to a place I had no reference point for. It was a green earth with a green atmosphere - but not green like the grass outside green. Think very dark - a dark jade perhaps. Yes, that was it. It was like a dark crystal green, but not exactly jade. Something else - some other crystal. The sky above was white - yes, white. Not holy angels white - white like just slightly discoloured milk. It wasn’t especially beautiful, but it was commanding, powerful, dominating. A skyline and horizon of white that made me realise - this was no place for the weak, or for the faint of heart. This was a place of the strong, and the very very wise. ‘It’s more than that.’ Estelle said in my mind, eventually stepping out beside me on the ground that I now found myself on. ‘This is a planet you will struggle to even find in what you call the Akashic records. Its so old. Its so long lost in the annals of history.’ ‘Where is this?’ I said. ‘It is so far away, you’d have to pick the most distant star and multiply the distance between you and it by an infinity, then add that to how far beyond it stretches. And that’s not even adding in the lies they’ve told you about space and the earth.’ I nodded, taking a moment to look closer at this strange world. It was too different to the earth - not the colours, that much I could reason with. It was the… intensity of the place. The rawness of the power that was imbued in the wind. It was too great - the pressure too strong. Physical bodies, even mental and emotional bodies, would struggle in such a place. They would be torn apart on the cellular level - no aspect of the human was designed for this. And yet… Ahead of me, a distance not all that far, were people. Dozens of them, all gathered in a what I would call a valley, in the green-tinged equivalent of a desert. They looked human, but they simply could not have been. ‘Arizona.’ Estelle said to me. ‘Do you feel it?’ ‘Yes.’ I responded. ‘Why do I feel that? I’ve never even been to Arizona.’ ‘What you are feeling is the pre-cursor to a memory you don’t possess yet. But you will.’ ‘Alright.’ I said. ‘Lead on.’ On the ridge of the valley, looking down over this gathering of hundreds, was a solitary figure on the rock-face. He was their leader, but the word isn’t quite correct. He was more their conduit - their binding agent that allowed them to expand. I saw his name in the space of my minds eye ‘Lord Osu.’ The scene began to flicker, and suddenly we were under the sun of the Arizona desert, back in the human mundane world with all of our known colour schemes. Estelle walked beside me, kneeling down and touching the ground. ‘When a meteor strikes the earth, and it’s big enough for people to notice, the people run about in a daze with the randomness of it all. A rock, hurtling through the infinity of space, somehow finding its way to them, in their narrow part of existence, slamming into the ground where they walk everyday.’ She stood up and looked at me. ‘That’s Tony. He spent the greater part of his life, imagining he was a meteor that somehow smashed it’s way to the earth in a series of random chances and freak accidents. All the way across the universe, all to smash here in this god-forsaken place, with no reason or sense to any of it.’ I didn’t speak. ‘And it was god-forsaken, don’t you worry about that.’ She continued. ‘A strange, alien place, filled with screaming noises and cruel minds. He began to think that not only was his arrival here a calamitous accident, but also a devious twisting of the Creator to inflict suffering upon him. Everywhere he looked, he saw nothing but this,’ She swept her arms out, to a barren landscape of sand and wind, ‘This was what awaited his heart, in a world where people seemed unaware of how dry and harsh it was.’ She walked closer to me, lowering her voice as if worried she’d be overheard. ‘What happens to a heart that finds cruelty, sand and dust? A heart so desperate to expand, but which finds only malevolence and pain beneath every stone it upturns?’ ‘Something not good.’ I replied. ‘What does a heart do,’ She said, after a pause, ‘That thinks it is here by a bad rolling of cosmic dice, or hit with some chance stick in an oblivion of uncaring forces?’ ‘It doesn’t end well. Not with those factors.’ I said. ‘Right.’ She stepped back and inhaled a long breath. She smiled again, which was nice, because I had felt the hurt she was describing, and had even seen it in her face. ‘With those factors, it’s a hell with no escape. But with the truth? The truth that, at no point since the mind of the Creator first let the flow of intelligence out of the unmanifest, into that which manifests, which then gave birth to the electrics, the impulses, that then formed the atoms, that then materialised as different elements, which then forged together by physical forces to give it shape,’ She took a breath, then continued, delivering each word in rapid succession, ‘Then the shape becomes a tangible thing. It is churned and washed with the will of the Creator, the One who made it so to begin with. It’s then hurled, at speed, on a line of action so utterly precise that even the slightest variation will alter the flow of the universe. It is so precise, in fact, that you could re-trace it’s journey all the way through the cosmos, and note just how beautifully targeted it was, all within an exacting moment, should you have the mathematic skill.’ ‘It then slams the atmosphere of the earth - a repelling force also of the Creator’s will - and the two fight it out. The stone, having existed for so long, and having been sent with such purpose, pushes through that which stands against it. Though in doing so, it loses so much of its essence. But it doesn’t matter - the outer was never about the essence of the stone or why it is so precious. Then it breaks through, and bam, it hits the ground. Not any ground - not some place in Alaska, not some building in Bombay - no. It hits this exact spot, right now, in this moment that the Creator wanted it.’ She stopped, taking a very long moment to finish the thought. She looked back at me, again waving her hand out across the desert. ‘It comes here, with a very specific reason and purpose. Do you understand?’ ‘Yes.’ I replied. ‘Though I’ve not heard it explained so well before.’ She nodded, satisfied. ‘Know that the meteor is the analogy - don’t get caught up in wondering about space or the earth and its relation to meteors, or the nature of their existence. The lies there are immense. Know that I only use it only to demonstrate the sheer magnitude of the plans that are at play here. Yes?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Good. Now - follow me.’ The scenery flickered and faded again, and returned with the eerie green once more. We were back in that strange land, watching Lord Osu atop the hill, conveying information, though not through speech, to those below. I don’t know how he was communicating, but it was all relative to the heart space, no question about it. ‘Their world was coming to an end.’ Estelle said. ‘Everything in creation is born, everything in creation will pass. But what they had, the worlds they had come from - it was knowledge that would be essential in areas of the universe that had not yet formed. They knew, like many of the wiser ones, that there would one day be a place, a realm, a planet - somewhere of physical dimension, that would be the destination for heaven. And for that heaven to be, it required that which these ones,’ She nodded at the people, ‘possessed.’ I paused, holding back from speaking. I could begin to see the mechanics of it. ‘They anticipated that which would come - they divested the knowledge, dematerialising it to make it the stuff of ether, and then even more subtle. Then they cast it out, to the furthest regions of creation, where it would reverberate alongside the invisible impulses of creation itself and would be made available to any who knew how to find it, at any time in any part of creation.’ ‘How? How would they find it?’ ‘Symbols.’ She replied. ‘Particular symbols devised here, in this place, that would be cast forward through time and space. It would be those, meshed within that which manifests, that would act as the signpost to get their attention.’ ‘Who? Get who’s attention?’ ‘These ones.’ She nodded again. ‘As they incarnated. The symbols would find them, and wake them up.’ Clever. The reach and wisdom of people astounds me often. I could see what had happened now - very wise and profound entities, bearers of critical knowledge, knew their time was at end. They didn’t lament this fact, or try and fight it in vain. Instead, they consolidated the most important aspects of it, bundled it together in a time capsule of sorts, and sent it into the ether, waiting for the time it could be activated once more. But what of Arizona? What was special about that place, in relation to these entities? ‘Arizona,’ Estelle continued, hearing my mental question somehow. ‘is one of the places where the knowledge was expressed - when they did this, when they sent the intelligence forward, the earth didn’t exist. It would be aeons before it existed in any way that we would know it today. So as earth came to be - as the layers and layers of reality came together to make it a tangible, beautiful entity in it’s own right - it took on the quality of that intelligence. Thus - Arizona, and other places, are pinpoints of profound knowledge, for those who know how to find it. I showed you Arizona, in particular, because that’s where your friend Tony needs to go, when he is able, if only for a short while.’ ‘Yes.’ I said. ‘So the earth itself holds the vibrations of that ancient knowledge - and those with the correct understanding can access it. And one of those understandings are symbols?’ ‘Not just any symbols.’ She said. ‘Symbols are signposts of reality. They are complex, multifaceted, frequent. The symbols the entities sent forward would be precise, specific - the ones who they are intended for would know them, would know them perfectly without actually knowing why. They would know them, because they were the ones who put them there in the first place, for themselves, in some future time.’ I took a moment. It was a lot to understand, all in a quickened space. Ahead of me, Lord Osu was ramping up his pitch to those assembled below. As I watched, I saw flashes of Tony in him - glimpses of that same spirit that wears many different faces, one of which was my friend. I began to understand the complexity and power that was woven inside the knowledge, and why it was so critical that it be saved. I began to appreciate just how far Tony had come - how deeply enmeshed in reality after reality he had been, all to arrive in the current day, where I knew him. ‘It’s not always useful, to know too much about where we’ve come from.’ Estelle said to me. ‘But sometimes, its the perfect thing for us as we yearn to move ahead. What came between this incarnation and the one he has now is not our concern - it’s between himself and the Creator. All that matters is he knows, and you as well, the degree of the power that was carried forward with him. Power that he now must get his hands around, as he has been doing these recent years.’ As I watched, the sky became angrier. I saw volcanoes erupting far in the distance, and the very earth beneath me began to choke and split. The world, their world, was dying. ‘Time to go.’ Estelle said. ‘We don’t need to be here any longer.’ We left there - the scenes melting into a bright green that then re-assembled as Arizona, once more. The attachments to that old, strange world were now gone. We were home, for better or for worse. ‘Ok.’ I said after a time. ‘I suppose that explains where he has come from.’ ‘Not quite.’ She replied. ‘There’s one more thing - he’s never felt that he’s belonged here, in this world. It’s an insane place to him - it’s all noise, and nastiness and horror. Well,’ She shrugged. ‘He’s half right. He isn’t from here. But that’s why he needed to come. The horror, the stupidity, the arrogance of those who haven’t been kind to him, especially in his younger years - they have served him well. They have made him search, for who he truly is. And in that search, he found the symbols. The symbols he left there for himself, to get him to re-awaken that knowledge here, in this world, in this time.’ ‘Yes. Yes I imagine he would agree with that.’ We both stood silent a while, looking about the desert. ‘See,’ Estelle continued. ‘He spent a part of his life in a desert of the heart, swearing it was his only truth. Vicious pain and sorrow. It’s only now, as he has the eyes to see, that he realises that deserts are some of the most living, abundant places in all of existence. You just have to know what you’re looking for.’ A valuable metaphor - I have known many for whom that is true. ‘Now,’ She said. ‘Before you go - you need to understand what is coming. Why he sent himself here, at this time, to live what he has lived. Look here.’ She sent another image before me, still in Arizona, in the desert, but with my friend standing standing before lines of people. They had come from a long way away, they were deeply ill. These weren’t the same people from the old strange world - these were others, other souls in other faces, looking for someone to heal them. ‘This world is undergoing a cruelty that needs no further explanation.’ Estelle said. ‘And when it is done, there will be many who will find themselves in that same dead desert that he first found himself in. And he will be there, to meet them, and to restore them, heart and mind, to who they actually are.’ She smiled, finished now, the explanation complete. ‘And he’ll have the tools to do it, because he sent the tools to himself from an aeon ago, and only he can use them.’ The scenes faded away then, and even Estelle’s presence became fainter and fainter. In the moments that followed, I lost awareness. I can say now that it has taken me quite a while to write this account, and yet, enormous and profound though the information contained within it is, it’s still not that shocking to me. Why? Because I’ve met the guy. And if you ever manage to do that, it’ll all make perfect sense to you, too. This concludes the night of 15th of January 2022

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