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Name: Risto

Paragraph Text:
I was guided and very grateful by the universe to lead me to Tony
He gave me his time and helped without hesitation
Tony you are a genuine gentleman and a true healer sir
Words can’t describe how blessed I feel to have crossed paths with
Your kind heart and wisdom of the supernatural you have restored my
Anyone needing guidance or healing I highly recommend Tony I believe
you would be in safe hands
Once again thank you so much from my heart sir
Many blessings
Risto Perth WA

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“ The way in which we found Tony was absolutely Cosmic!!!



A friend of ours in Europe who practices Yi Jing, guided us to Tony.We put a list together of about half a dozen potential spirit/negative energy cleansers that we were considering and showed it to our Yi Jing Friend.


Our friend was immediately drawn to Tony and said this guy is the best of the best and described him as a powerful as a Red Dragon!! 




When Tony came to our house we knew he was the one to help us with our problems.We knew that we had a bad spirit in our house and that it may have been more that have joined together and it turned out to be 3 !!


Tony guided us throughout our house and pinpointed where the spirits were and we could all feel whenever they moved around and away from Tony.


The spirits were relatives and one of them,a mean tyrannical bastard that when he was alive was hated by all that knew him and was feared by his family.He was clinging on to us and nothing was going good in our lives because of that.




Tony spent a few hours guiding them out!! At the end of that we were chatting with Tony on how we found him.Tony said that a few years back


he was told by a few channellers that he was from a distant Red star and was referred to as  Red Dragon !!!


We were all blown away by that that someone on the other side of the planet using a different medium saw who he is.


Everything in our house feels different,my energy seems to feel smooth and comforting.




Tony is amazing at what he does,absolutly fearless and intent!!






Thanks Tony ."






Melbourne, 2019

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I only met Tony several months ago – thru a new work colleague – who had firm recommendations for Tony’s work. So due to what I was experiencing in the home I had moved into – with the appalling, abusive, intrusive and at times frightening unwanted negative ‘spooks’ within my home, I contacted Tony. Within two weeks after visiting my home on two separate occasions  he successfully closed this b.s. down – what a difference !! He was only too happy to oblige. Tony’s a really genuine, nice person and I felt very comfortable with him straight away – his expertise and his work. Again,  thanks Tony -  I will strongly recommend your work to anyone in need if your services. Kindest thanks and wishes  Anne L. 30/3/2017

My family has experienced some negative spirit encounters and my daughter got to the stage that she wouldn’t sleep in our house anymore. The family had also experienced a lot of illness over the past 10 or so years. I just didn’t know where to turn or who to ask for help. I found some websites on the internet but I was drawn to Tony and just knew he was the person who could help my family. I emailed him & he responded straight away. Tony came to our house & he was amazing. He knew things before being told. He removed several spirits from the house and enabled my grown children to separate themselves from spirits that had attached to them. Since Tony’s visit the family has experienced no spirit encounters and everyone feels safe & comfortable in our house again. We are truly indebted to Tony. He is a gifted human being who truly is amazing. Thank you just doesn’t express how grateful we are.

"I met Tony a couple of years ago by recommendation at a point of my life & my family's where we were in total disaster mode.

Nothing prepared us for the positive changes that happened after that.

I cannot recommend Tony highly enough.

Through Tony, my family's lives have changed incredibly so much for the better.

Through his incredible gifts, we have had reiki healings; attachments removed; house clearance; sweat lodge; and tarot readings. In 30 years, I have met many psychics & mediums but no one has even come close to the power and accuracy of Tony Sutcliffe.

If you have reached a point where you dont know who to turn to like I did, I can only say that he is the one.  I only wish that more people in need know about Tony Sutcliffe, and I wish that I could have found him much earlier in my life. Incredible human being."

Testimonial time! Sorry this has taken me so long tony but want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me achieve my dreams! Iv always wanted to own my own barbershop but it always remained out of reach! Iv always been awakened and aware of manifesting so was very frustrating that I could never get close to this goal! Early 2019 I got serious and put it out there that by April 2020 I will have my own barbershop! I kept imagining how this would feel and every time doubt entered my mind I let it go for a while. I discovered the sweat lodge through a good friend Diane and booked in ready to release fears and doubts. Wow I felt invincible after the sweat lodge and after that whenever doubt crept in I booked myself in for another! In February I opened my barbershop and even through covid remained positive! I now have a successful business that is soaring! Iv now reached goals I expected to reach in 12 months time! Thank you so much tony! I would highly recommend the sweat lodge and Tony’s skills to anyone ready to soar!

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Name: Chris

Paragraph Text:
I have suffered now for 2 years with my left knee with arthritis. I
have been in a lot of pain and have been to the doctors they just give
me pain relief . I have 18 stairs to climb which I have to climb up
side ways takes ages. I was always a very active person I loved to
walk but found it to hard. Tony was at my house on another problem
with spirits. He cleansed the house and now it is light and airy. full
of positive energy. Tony said would you like a healing done on your
leg. I said that would be great. So he did a healing and said stand up
and go to the stairs. He said walk up the stairs properly. I just
stood there and looked at him. Tony said of you go. I walked up the
stairs normally was stunned no pain came back done no pain. Tony is an
amazing man with great powers . My daughter came home from work and
could not believe what she saw. Tony is a great healer. I would
recommend him to anyone. Why suffer in pain when all you have to do is
ring Tony. Thankyou Tony for all you have done. I will always be
grateful to you. What a wonderful man. Chris

Dear Tony, thanks for helping me to get what belongs to me back. I had this deep sadness for so long without knowing what is the underlying reason. I feel so strong, complete, positive and full of love now; who knows what life I would have if I haven’t met you! I’m confident that no one could take anything from me anymore; I learned from you how to protect myself. You are such a nice person both inside and outside. You are a powerful healer and love helping others. There is no higher purpose than serving others :) Thanks for everything you’ve done so far for me. I send you love and compassion with my whole and complete heart❤️ Wish you all the best in your journey Nina

Name: Clare

Paragraph Text:
Tony Sutcliffe how do I begin to thank you. You have been a major
contributing factor to my happiness and now my friends and family. You
have helped me overcome issues which no one else have been able to
help me with. I can’t thank you enough. I will continue to recommend
you to all my friends, family and colleagues you are selfless and the
real deal. I’m so fortunate to have crossed paths with you. See you
at the next sweat lodge!

Susie  recommends Peaceful Encounters.

September 1 at 6:49 AM ·

Last week I received a healing from Tony , I had been feeling totally exhausted , lost and not sure where to turn when a friend suggested Tony.
The healing was an amazing experience , he performed Sekhem Seichim method as well as Reiki and other methods on me...he removed negative stuff that had been pulling me down for many years and it was getting worse , so much so that I was unable to move forwarded
I have received many healings / reiki etc but this is the real thing .... I am now renewed , the past is behind me I have let go of fears and emotions from my past and I feel so free and Not afraid to make decisions now and move forward.
Tony is the real thing, I live in Echuca and it was well worth the drive ....
sometimes it takes awhile to find the right healer that will just click with you and Tony is certainly an amazing healer and a genuine guy ...
my hearing in my left ear has Improved so much so I’m putting off the hearing aide device I was trialling ..
I recommend Tony to anyone needing a clearing or thinking of getting help moving forward. Susie D ...

Name: Trisha

I am so very fortunate to have met you Tony. On so many occasions you
have healed me and filled me with your positive energies. You are
loyal and work with the utmost integrity. Thank you

Eva reviewed Peaceful Encounters — 5 star

Tony is so Cool �!!!! I had an awesome healing session with him yesterday. It’s not only about healing I also learn a lot from him ! He is like a human form guide for me. He answered all my questions which I never met anyone who could explain all my curiosities.
I knew he is the one I have been looking for since I saw his profile. He also has so much love �! Thank you, Tony !

Name: Carol

I have known Tony for 5 years, during this time
I have found him very dedicated with his
wonderful gift.
Walking into his workshop is truly a
wonderful experience.
He has helped my husband, myself and several
friends many times, he even  got my friend playing
tennis again after many years.
Thank you so much Tony.

Name: Donna

I first met Tony Six months ago and was searching for answers in my
own spiritual awareness.  The first impression I had was here was a
highly enlightened man that would help me on my journey. His aura was
one of of light and goodness I immediately felt a infinity with him.
This has proved to be true he has guided me and helped me so much with
my journey which I will continue to travel.  I wish him only the best
in his journey and his life.

Thank you so much Tony

Name: Melissa

Thank you toney, for helping me in so many ways. You have made me
happy again. I think you are a amazing person and you are my friend.

Name: Danielle

Since Tony cleared my house of all the negative energies my now new
home feels so much better. It is now a clean, warming, loving space
which is so opposite to what it was. I can finally relax in my own
home. Thank you Tony.

Name: Lauren

I am forever grateful for what I have learnt at Tony's workshop. I was
guided into the direction my heart was longing for. I continue to use
methods tony has taught me throughout everyday life. I would love to
attend class every week of the year it so beautifully healing, but I
live too far away at the moment. I felt like I was taken under his
wing. the group was very welcoming, helpful & true to themselves.
truly a place of experiencing heightened love for everything in
physical existence and spiritual existence. With the knowledge I
learnt and the support I was given from the group I followed my heart
towards my goals in the most positive way imaginable. I believe
attending Tony's workshop was the most healing life changing experience

Name: Natalie Saavedra

I was referred to Tony by a colleague who thought what i was experiencing was \”out-of-the-norm\”. I didn\’t think much of it, and to be honest, i was in denial. I have always been a sceptic about spirits, ghosts, poltergeists etc. My whole perception had changed when i made contact with Tony and finally surrendered my experiences, which I was in denial about. Many, like myself, would say that something so extraordinary isn\’t bound to happen to them. Admittedly, i now realise this DOES happen, even to those who don\’t believe. Ever since my first encounter with this entity, I was feeling tired, anxious, I\’ve lost my appetite, my muscles in every part of my body are aching. I had mysterious scratches on my back with very prominent letters reading \”N\” and what appeared to be a faint \”O\”. (I have given Tony permission to publish these photographs on this website for your viewing.) On another occasion, I had woken up to a very clear and distinct male voice in the middle of the night. It\’s just been horrible. Tony has held my hand the entire way through my experience, assuring me that this is a common encounter and it can be easily resolved in one visit. I\’ve felt nothing but comfort, protection and strength since coming into contact with him, whether its been through phonecalls or messages. This man is just phenomenal. Tony has a very special gift that he would be willing to share with anyone who is happy to accept. I have made an appointment with Tony to visit the premises where im experiencing extreme anxiety, discomfort and fear. I have no doubt in my mind, that I will feel like a new person after our meeting and i will be less afraid and more welcoming to these experiences in future. I now believe, and have complete confidence all because of this man. Tony, thank you for all of your assistance thus far. You truly are a blessing, more than you know. Blessed be. Natalie Saavedra. 4/7/2012

Name: Bev

Thank you for yesterday. Last night was the very first time in 22
years that my dad came to me in my dreams. It was so relaxing he sat
at the end of my bed and told me about all his regrets he had in his
life and I told him about mine as well and then he thanked me for my
forgiveness and said good buy. I am happy for him but sad as well
because I miss him so much .
I can’t thank you enough for bringing this to the surface for both of
us to deal with and giving my dad what he wanted to hear for so may
years. Thanks once again.

Name: jackie

I would just like to add this testimonial to vouch that i believe in
Tony's precious gift.  I have been suffering with elevated blood
levels for lupus and a few other minor health problems which have
concerned me for a few years now.  I have been in touch with Tony for
the last couple of months and in this time he has done some healing on
me from a distance (dont ask me how), and i did have my doubts
thinking how can it work without actually being there in person.

Admitedly i felt a little worse for wear in the first few weeks, but
Tony assured me it was ok and quite normal as he was removing all the
bad energy in me.   I went to the dr last weekend for my check up
blood tests, and she said to me you are going to be more than happy
with the results, my blood tests were good and my lupus results had
reduced by more than half, which was excellent.   I have every faith
and confidence in Tonys ability and am confident i am on the path to
better health. 

I would love to continue having healings with Tony and would highly
recommend him to all .... and to those sceptics as well        Thanks
heaps x

Name: Jo

For the longest time I had been experiencing a "draining" feeling from
my solar plexus. I thought it was a psychic attack. I tried so many
different techniques to try and manage this situation but nothing
really worked. Finally I phoned Tony and he instantly sensed it was an
entity. During our appointment he sent this harmful entity away and I
have not since felt that horrible feeling in my stomach. My health and
energy have improved dramatically and I feel like a different person.
Thanks so much for your help Tony and your advice. In a few days my
life has been transformed.


Meeting with Tony was a life experience which i will always remember. I met with Tony as i felt very unclear, confused and perhaps was looking for some guidance. The entire experience was unforgettable. It was like he knew me before i had arrived. Everything we spoke about was spot on and it defiantly helped me to feel more comfortable within myself and helped me to open up my mind. The healing process was a surreal experience, amazing i left the workshop that day with a real smile on my face and feeling on top of the world! He defiantly was able to address the concerns which were weighing on my shoulders. I have never felt so close to somebody i have just met, it was an experience that was confronting at times and also overwhelming although i wouldn’t change it at all and i am grateful i had the opportunity. If you are thinking about seeing Tony or becoming a part of the classes i would recommend it to anybody and everybody! Thank-you Tony for your time and welcoming me into your workshop!

A story l want to share about something l dealt with over Xmas
When darkness comes

A little after midnight my son and his girlfriend rang. They were terrified, desperate and needed help immediately. I found them standing in the street, deep in shock, pale and shaken, unwilling to remain in their home. We drove home. I wrapped them up and gave them hot drinks while the story unfolded. Another frightening incident after two years of torment, this time it was unbearable.

Two years earlier my eldest son’s girlfriend was murdered. An older man with a history of violence against women became obsessed with her and decided if he couldn’t have her then no one else could. He took her life then his own. Since then we had experienced strange events in our lives, TVs and lights turning on and off by themselves, footsteps, doors slamming, a pile of coins appearing stacked high under the bed, hearing names called when no one was home and more. My son and his girlfriend started experiencing attacks on the verge of sleep with an unseen entity taking over his body and using his eyes, arms and voice. His girlfriend had strong physical sensations creeping up her legs and could sense the presence whenever it appeared. Christmas night was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

My son was relaxing in bed when the presence took hold. Too tired to fight it off again he allowed it to go further. Despite the fear he was curious to see what it wanted, what it was capable of. It instantly took control releasing a blood curdling endless scream with crazy eyes, arms trying to throttle his girlfriend. My son had to wage a huge fight to regain control of his own body and mind. His girlfriend was petrified feeling the physical sensation of being strangled and an incredibly strong sensation of evil in the room. They fled and called me.

Things got worse at my house over the next few days. Who do you go to for help? There isn’t anyone to call in the phone book, lots of similar stories in the Internet but no way to stop it all. Thank God I knew Tony. We hadn’t been in touch for a long time but he was the only person I knew of who could help. He dropped everything and drove to my home in the middle of the night several times, took phone calls at all hours and accepted us (a car load of terrified victims) into his workshop. It wasn’t an easy fix but the worst is over.

After many sleepless nights with relentless attacks on us all, a strong sulphur smell filling the room (pure evil), horrifying visions reliving the murder/suicide, blood curdling screams from previously unaffected family members and a long drive at 2:30am to Tony’s workshop, the evil entity in the car unwilling to release its hold, it was over. Tony had tried all sorts of things and finally his guides gave him the answer. The entity that had almost destroyed our sanity was the murderer, proof we later found when a video confirmed Tony’s information.

Tony was wonderful, supportive, honest, caring and strong. He didn’t have the answer immediately but was unwilling to give up on us. He fought for us. Without his help we would be lost. If ever you hear of someone with a problem from the unknown please put them in touch with Tony. No one should have to suffer through something like this alone. He can, and more importantly, will help.

Will’s story

My story is a bit long winded but I feel the details of the experience need to be told in order to express how significant what Tony does is to those whose lives he touches. Last year, after coming out of a really bad relationship, I moved into a new place and was feeling really positive about myself and my future. I had dealt with and let go of all the negativity my previous partner had brought into my life and it felt really good to be me again. But from the first day in my new place things felt really weird. from the very beginning I felt like I was walking through a thick dark fog as I stepped through the front door way and as soon as my feet landed inside the flat I felt as if a hot tingling sensation travelled from my head down through my whole body and as it did my demeaned would change. I would be positive and happy before entering the flat and after stepping through the door I would immediately feel depressed and dark.I have always had an open mind to the spirit world and have felt things in my life to make me believe that there is definitely something to it all. But I am a sceptical soul and really believe more when I can see some proof of things in life. SO these things albeit very real were things I could not touch or see. I could feel them but I told myself it was in my head or maybe it was left over stress from my past relationship messing with my head. About two months in and with the above mentioned feelings and dark heaviness constantly present I was awoken one night by a blood curdling war cry type scream and a loud crashing sound followed by feeling someone large and powerful on top of me, I could feel hands on my chest holding me down and I could not sit up nor could I open my eyes. It sounded to me as though someone had broken my bedroom door down and was trying to kill me. the odd thing was I remembered the door being wide open. I fought to sit upright and to open my eyes for what seemed like long minutes before it just ended as suddenly as it began and I suddenly was able to jump up and open my eyes. To my surprise the room was quiet, the door was fine, and the room was empty. but it was so cold that I could see fog from my breath yet this was summer and one of those nights where it stays so hot you can hardly sleep. I am ex military and not afraid of much on this earth. but I admit this scared me because I did not know what it was or how to fight it and this became my routine for months…sometimes days, even weeks might go by with no attack in the night but the heavy darkness and the negative feeling in the flat was a constant.
after 4 or 5 months of this I was blessed by the universe with meeting that one person we all hope to meet before we die. That girl, that one special girl you just know you were born to be with and when she felt the same way about me we just knew we were soulmates. Everything was and is so easy and so comfortable and so great between us. But we almost did not make it.
because of the attacks and the feeling at my place I found myself staying more and more at my partners place, not a bad thing except that it became to the point I was afraid to go home and I was afraid to tell my partner for fear she would mark me a nut case and run like hell. But when it got to a point that it was putting a wedge between us I realised not telling her the truth was worse then trying to protect her from it. So I told her the whole story and thankfully she not only believed me but she supported me in doing something about it. Lucky for us both she knew of Tony and we called him right away. he spoke with me on the phone and he was picking up on things over the phone and telling me things about the spirit in my place before I even had a chance to tell him. I could not believe how much he saw but it made me feel really confident he would be the right man to help with it. we soon organised a day to deal with this thing so we could reclaim our lives and our future in my new flat together. Tony travelled quite a distance to my flat and met us there. He was amazing at how he walked in and immediately sensed where the spirit was and was able to hold it in a room where he brought me to see if I could feel anything. He did not tell me it was there but when I stood next to him I felt such a feeling go through me that it was as if I was being filled with a really evil energy and I began to get very emotional as I felt like something was invading me. Tony immediately touched me and got me back to the front of the flat and just with a touch I felt whatever was invading me fled and left me alone. Tony then got the spirit to cross over and to leave without any fight. It was nothing what I expected. after watching lots of movies I guess I expected some exorcist scene with bleeding walls and spinning heads but Tony was so calm and loving in the way he walked the spirit out. It may sound crazy but all I know is after Tony came and did his thing my flat has felt completely and totally different. it instantly took on a bright feeling and now my partner and I feel super comfortable and happy there. There is nothing but positive energy and a feeling of a bright future now. I simply can not believe it is the same place. Tony you are a great man and you have been given a great gift. you helped my relationship to beat this thing and you helped us to reclaim our home. We are both forever grateful.Will

Name: Lan

I have known Tony for nearly 2 years and been part of  his circle. So
when one of my children was going through some really tough times I
knew that it was Tony who could give him the help and guidance he
needed.  My son was always aware of the spiritual world but was not
keen to really embrace it and it sometimes scared him, but he was
willing to go through a healing as he was really struggling. As I sat
there and watched Tony do his thing I could see my son  changing. It
was amazing. The process was emotional at times but yet calm. All I
can say is the biggest thank-you Tony for all your help. I truly
believe you have saved my son. He is a different person with a totally
different mindset. And this is in just a week. You can see that a
great burden has been lifted.  I can’t thank you enough. You have a
great gift and are such a giving person, I have never met anyone like
you before. My family and I are so lucky to know you and count you as
friend. If anyone I know needs help I know exactly where to send them.
You are amazing.  Thank-you  so much.

Name: Aaron

Deciding to take a different approach to life with so many un answered
questions I decided to look for a self development group and after
weeks of looking, I come across Tony's group. I have been attending
the group for around three years, during this time developing a
clearer understanding of life's ways, dealing with emotions and
undertaking reiki 1 and 2 training. The environment within the groups
are very enjoyable .

Thanks Tony

Keep up the great work.

Name: Paula

Testimonial: I was lucky enough to be referred to Tony by a   friend last week. Over the past few months I’d noticed some ‘strange events’   happening in my home. These strange events included doors opening further   than they would from a breeze, the feeling that someone was always behind me,   particularly in my bedroom, the tv turning itself on and the volume   decreasing despite me holding the button to increase the volume. In addition,   I was always getting sick, became angry and agitated as soon as I got home   from work and was constantly tired. I ignored the events as my home was brand   new and people told me it couldn’t possibly be a spirit I was sensing.
I became curious after reading some things on another healer’s page on   Facebook and decided to make contact with that gentleman. He then told me I   was surrounded by an ‘evil force’ and that I would need to pay him $3000 to   have it cleared. Obviously, I was distressed at this news. Firstly, was he   for real? Also, I didn’t have $3000 if he was. I began asking around and   found out about Tony. I sent Tony a message and within minutes he called and   we talked. He sensed some spirits were with me and cleared them. Since then,   my home has felt calmer and my anger and agitation has left. My home is a   much happier place. Thank you Tony!

Hi Tony

Thank you for the amazing session! You have great gifts and a big compassionate heart. You got right through to the core issues I needed to work on and your insight was spot on. Though I'm going through a challenging time I felt at peace and came away with powerful tools to re-align my life path. Much gratitude!

Jennifer          Hawaii 


Hi my name is Lobe,

I was born in Macedonia 52 years ago, when l was 2 years old my mother became aware that something had changed about me, it was like l had changed overnight and l had become another person. As the years went by l had become aware that something wasn’t right with me but was never sure what it was.

We moved to Australia when l was a young boy to Wollongong NSW where l still live now, l have had a hard life with many people saying that l am a negative man and they try and avoid me, even my own children have moved away because they didn’t like who l was.

My sister had found this man in Melbourne that said he could help remove this energy, but as many had said before “yes l can remove it for you” and as soon as they did the energy returned the next day. I even went back to Macedonia to seek help from the spiritual leaders over there and they couldn’t help me either, saying it was a very negative energy and very evil.

So when my sister told me about this man l was sceptical but decided to give it a go as l was growing so tired from having this energy with me for over 50 years now.

We contacted Tony on a few occasions before we decided to fly him up here to help us out, Tony said he was looking forward to helping me out and sounded very confident about what he could do.

I had to go to Sydney airport to pick him up early one morning so we had a great talk on the way back to Wollongong, l wanted proof he was real and well he came up with things about me that we had not told him, so l guess so far so good.

When we got to my home he came ready to do a house clearing (clearing of spirit and energy) and turned to me and said “l think l will start here with you first” and placed his hand on my chest.

Well that is when all the fun began, as l don’t remember much about what happened next, Tony had to fill me in. The energy inside me became very upset and started to fight Tony by punching and kicking him, Tony said that he wasn’t sure he could keep going but decided to dig in and not give up. This went on for over 2 hours with me falling to the ground many times and hitting my head, looking back at Tony and asking what just happened, as soon as l would feel normal again it would start again.

2 hours of being chased around my home Tony never gave up, but said to me that he was trying to work out how to help this spirit move on. He found something in my bathroom that he called a vortex, and when he did find this the spirit inside me got very concerned as Tony found out that this is where the spirit was hiding when he needed to. Once Tony closed this he turned to me and said “l know what it is you are looking for” the spirit was looking for love, he wasn’t evil, he wasn’t negative, he was lost and had used me because he didn’t know what else to do. Tony placed his hand on my chest and the spirit began to cry, Tony began calling for his mother to come into our world to pick him up and take him home. Guess what!!    

With for the first time finding his mum again he left my body and never returned and still today has not been back.

Thanks to Tony l have my life back

I can’t thank him enough

If anyone is looking for help in any of these situations l would highly recommend Tony from Peaceful Encounters in Melbourne.  Once again thank you Tony

My husband has had CIDP for 4 yrs with severe nerve damage causing numbness and pins & needles in his hands & feet and had a severe re-lapse at the end of May.
Since seeing Tony at the start of the week he has improved remarkably. He has more feeling in his hands & feet and not as exhausted at the end of the day. The biggest improvement has been mentally- he is more positive, a lot happier & feels everything is going to be ok.
Many thanks to Tony, we are both feeling very hopeful after a very tough time.

On Wednesday night I had this incredible healing with Tony. I had a frozen, nerve damaged left upper leg for 30 years and arthritis in both knees since I was 9. Thanks to Tony it's all gone, absolutely very great full for the opportunity to have this kind of healing.
Thankyou with love Tony

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