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Ghost Stories

Welcome to my page of  ghost stories and pictures, here l will show pictures that l have taken over the years and feel free to send me your pictures and tell your stories for everyone to see. All these are true stories of things that have happened in my life and I know a lot of people  will not believe some or maybe all of these stories that l tell but they don’t live the life l do, and everyone has the right to their own opinion and l respect that.

l hope you enjoy.

So take a read of some of my stories and maybe you wont think that yours are so bad after all :)

Great Spirit

One day sitting with one of my old teachers having lunch she turned and said to me Tony you better tune in as you have a what she could  see was an axe hanging out the top of my head. At that moment l started to taste blood in my mouth so l shut my eyes and began to see what was happening.

What l saw was a skeleton climbing out of a stone grave and everything was grey, l stopped the vision as l didn’t understand why l was seeing this, my teacher said to me well did you cross him over and l replied no as he was an Indian so why would he need to be as they are very spiritual people, she replied just because he was a native American Indian doesn’t mean he was spiritual. I left it at that for awhile and we had lunch, when we finished something told me to go back into the other room with my drum and l started to beat it, one  hit at a time ever so slowly, with doing that l heard a voice say to me: who calls the great spirit, with that l panicked and softly said it was me, he then said you have one of ours with that l saw the Indian man coming down the side of a hill with a deer on his back waving to me as he went into the light.

Well this is just another story that l have and there are still many more to come.

I’m Tony Sutcliffe

Lost Old Man

I was called to a house by a young lady who said that there was something wrong in her garage, she told me the dog would never go in there and her son always felt very uneasy when he would play his drums in there and wouldn’t stay long, so l went to take a look.

When l arrived she walked me through the house and it felt ok (energy lm talking about) and she showed me the way to the garage, l asked her to stay where she was and l headed for the garage, when l walked in l felt this overwhelming feeling of sadness come over me. I started to look around and then l saw an old man hiding behind a seat at the back of the garage, so went over to him and asked him what was wrong and why he was there and he told me the he lived in the house many years before and died not long after his wife died but he couldn’t find her. I asked why was he in the shed and he said that the lady in the house had kicked him out and he didn’t know where to go, at this time l was feeling sad for him as well so l helped him find his wife of many years and he went off into the light.

Straight after that l went inside and asked why she had kicked him out and she told me that she knew he was in the house so she kicked him out and thought that he had just gone away, anyway l watched the dog go back into the shed straight away and saw her son start to play back in the shed without even thinking.

There’s the happy ending we all look for, let me hear some of your stories.

I’m Tony Sutcliffe

Dark Energy

I had my two boys staying with me for the weekend as they usually do, but on this particular weekend it coincided with a couple of people coming over for some healing work.  I left the boys and went into the workshop and gave the two people their healings, which i thought went well as most do.   The man had told me that he was a prison guard at one time in his life and was in the Vietnam War many years ago and had seen many things and a lot of them not very nice.  After they left i joined my boys and we sat down to dinner and a DVD for the night.

As the night wore on,  l had noticed something moving around near the back door.   It had been moving back and forward for a while so l walked out and told it to go.  By this time the movie had finished and it was time for bed, so the boys went off to their rooms.  It wasnt long before i heard my youngest son calling out for me, what’s wrong l said and he replied dad you know l don’t mind the stuff you do but tonight lm really scared, why l asked and he said lm not sure. That thing that l saw earlier must have left some bad energy behind for him to feel it, so l covered him in a imaginary white blanket and he fell asleep straight away.

Next morning the boys were off home and l was alone when l saw a black figure came out of the mirror in the lounge room.  l looked with some fear as l had not seen one this big before standing right in front of me.  l grabbed the holy water from the fridge and threw it at the dark energy and as i did this l heard laughing coming from it.   ”What the hell do l do now”  l said to myself, and with that l put my hands up and said “here you go have some of this”  which was my healing energy and this thing went straight back into the mirror.

The phone rang 5 minutes after this had all happened and it was a good friend of mine and she asked what just happened to you? How do you know what just happened and she replied that she was told by an angel that one of the devils workers had come to pay me a visit. I told her what l did and she said l would not like to live in your world as it is so scary sometimes, l replied oh well it keeps you on your toes lol.

It seems the couple had left some rather nasty energy behind for me to clean up, boy its never boring around here.

I’m Tony Sutcliffe

Time To Go

I went to my ex partners mum place one day just to say hi up in Seville, for many years in the house where they lived they had things move around in the still of night and no one knew who was in the house.  My ex would often take my boysup there to stay over they would stay down in the games room down stairs and they told me many times that they did not like staying there.

Well we were sitting there having a cup of coffee and l was telling them all about what l was learning and they were very interested in what l was telling them. I told them l was a healer as well and began to show them what l was now able to do and they loved it, anyway Anne asked me if l could look around and see if l could find anyone or anything in the house so l went of looking, l was upstairs and couldn’t feel anything around so l went down stairs to the games room and there he was leaning up against the bar, l looked and said who are you my friend and he told me that he was the father of my ex’s dad, just then their dog came to the top of the stairs and started to go crazy barking none stop and looking right beside me were the spirit was standing. I went up stairs and asked Mark if he knew this man’s name that l gave him and said to me how do you know that name, l never told you about him and l said well he is down stairs waiting to say sorry to you , well the tears started as he knew that it was all real. I went back down stairs with Mark and the said what they wanted to say then off he went into the light.

From the point on my boys could sleep down there once again without any fear and it stayed warm down there as before it was always a very cold room.

So there is another story of mine and still more to come,

Would love to hear your story

I’m  Tony Sutcliffe

Watching Over

Many years ago when l was living in Cranbourne with my partner and my 2 boys, my partner (ex now) said that she was having trouble getting my eldest son getting him into the bath as he kept saying that there was a man in the corner of the room as he was pointing to him saying there, there he is and mum would say oh you are seeing things, this went on for about 2 months and l was well thinking it was a bit what l would call back then as crap (not now but) and said he would just get over it. He didn’t get over it as it kept on happening day after day, one Sunday morning we were all playing in bed Josh was about 2 at the time when a toy he was playing with fell off the bed, he jumped down to pick it up and as he stood up he started to scream with horror pointing in the corner of the room once again. He jumped back into bed screaming and would not let go of his mother, at this time l had had enough and rang my ex’s mum for help as she had seen this stuff before and she told me to put a bible in the centre of the house and it will all go away so l did.

2 hours went by and the phone rang, thanks for sending him home mate was what l heard, who home l asked, my ex’s mum’s brother who had died when he was 21 from an electrical accident, apparently he had come to visit the boys to make sure they were ok  and l sent him back to the place where he had come from.

Another story

I’m Tony Sutcliffe

Star Jumper

After being at a barbecue up at Seville Melbourne, we were on our way home it was about 1.30am in the morning and l was a bit tired but still good to drive, my ex was sitting beside me and said l might have a rest on the way home if you don’t mind and l said sure l will wake you when we get home. Well the road had a lot of sharp corners so she took awhile to settle into a nice spot in the seat, just then we had gone around another sharp corner when l saw a man standing in the middle of the road doing star jumps, there was no time to stop as he just appeared out of no were, Tracey yelled as l hit the brakes real hard and came to a stop, our hearts were beating so fast, l looked at her  and she at me and said oh my god we have killed someone, l turned the car around l tried to see what had happened, l looked everywhere and there was nothing  or no one to be found anywhere.

I heard the bang but there was no damage to the car, nothing not even a scratch, l couldn’t work it out. I panicked and took of knowing that something was not right, we went home and l said l should ring the police and tell them but what would they say if there was no one there or no one to be found, l listened to the radio and nothing, for 2 weeks it drove me mad thinking about what had happened but didn’t say anything to anyone  as l was worried about what people might say.

We were invited back up to a party in Seville not long after, it was going well as party’s do and this bloke came up to me and started talking, somehow l ended having to tell him about what happened as l think guilt got the better of me, when l had told him about coming around the corner and hitting a bloke standing in the middle of the road he started to laugh, l said why are you laughing and he said don’t worry l hit him 2 weeks ago as well, silence came from my mouth as l was shocked, what do you mean l said? Well he was hit and died there 10 years ago and does it every night to spook people out.

Well l can tell you he certainly scared the crap out of me.

I’m Tony Sutcliffe

First Encounter

Some time ago l was going through a hard time dealing with the separation with my partner l had turned to alcohol to help but l guess it just made things worse as l went through depression, losing jobs everywhere and nearly my house, l decide to pack up and move and try and start all over again. I had gotten over my depression and was starting to love life again, a mate of mine had offered me a rental house on a farm and l thought why not and l took it as it sounded great, it was a place up in the hills on 75 acres of land and no one around beautiful l thought to myself.

So l decided to pack up and move to this beautiful old place in Garfield, l had been given the keys to move in by the owner the day before so l was ready to go and move in, when l got to the house l went to the front door and opened the new house up for the first time, brand new beginnings l was thinking to myself, l walked straight into the kitchen and had to stop as l heard this strange noise coming from one of the old vents in the wall when all these blow flies started to come out of a hole that was in this vent, wow l yelled as there would have been 5 to 6 thousand maybe more l couldn’t see the walls of this room now as it was so think with blow flies going around and around, then they all just went straight back out the same hole they had come from and gone, no more, looked around in amazement and wondering what was all that about. What could l do but open another can of VB beer and go ok then that was different.

The next day the owner came to see if everything was alright and l asked him about the flies and he just shrugged his shoulders and said well l don’t know, anyway days went by and l had strange feelings in this house like l had never felt before, maybe a kind of unease might be the right way to put it, l just put it down to being in a new place and l will get used to it. As the days went on l started to get a feeling like l was being watched, very different to what l was used to so l would just drink more to block it out. My 2 young boys came up for the very first time and were very excited, wow dad a new place, new rooms to play in and all that land to run around in, they were up for the weekend so there was plenty of time to get to know the new house, on the Sunday morning my eldest son came into my room and said good morning dad and he seemed a bit worried, what’s wrong?  l asked and he replied, well l was playing in my room when l turned around and there was a boy standing there, when l turned back he was gone, well son l don’t think he is here to hurt us so go and play, with that l got up as l thought it was a boy that was looking at me all the time but didn’t want to scare my boys as they were very young.

Well the boys went home and 2 weeks went by and nothing unusual happened, the boys were coming back up as it was my weekend once again for them to stay with me, we were all getting ready for tea and my eldest said that he had to go to the toilet which was all the way down the other end of the house.  Shortly l heard him screaming at the top of his voice, what’s wrong mate l yelled out, there are 2 more people here and they went into my brothers room he replied, well l saw red and grabbed a cross that someone had given me and started running around the house with a can of VB and a cross yelling get the bloody hell out of my house. Well l turned to my boy and said well mate are they gone and he said yes, ok then l said wondering what the hell was l doing here and what was this all about as l could feel them but didn’t know why they were here.

The boys went home Sunday night and l was alone again, it was about 3am Monday morning when l heard the wire door at the front of the house banging like crazy, so l got up to take a look, when l got to the front of the house l saw this amazing bright white light coming through the gap in the door, no way lm opening that up l said to myself so l looked out the window instead, that’s when l saw this figure of a young boy that seemed to be floating past the window staring right at me yelling let us in.  By this stage the hair stood up on the back of my neck and l yelled no way mate and ran back to bed pulled the doona over my head, l was shaking as l had never seen anything like it before. Every day after that had happened,  l would come home to hear when l got to the front door something yelling at me let us in and  l just kept on saying no way.

I started to tell some people about this and one man said your should try a Ouija Board to see if you can talk to them, since found out how dangerous they are, anyway l went home and made one and started to try and talk to these spirits, well l got nothing l tried a few times and the same thing until l realised that l had kicked them out the door so l took my board outside and tried again, well there they were outside waiting for me, wow the glass was moving like crazy going back and forth to different letters until l realised that someone one trying to tell me their name. The name l got was Kaleb, wait a minute l said to myself l know that name as l have been saying that for nearly 6 years and had no idea why, we started to talk and he told me what had happened to him and his uncle and mother (the other ones in my house). He had been killed by his uncle, then his uncle died of a disease and his mum died shortly after of pneumonia and they were all stuck here living in this house.   I got game and asked them to come back inside the house and they did, we started to talk every night straight after work and all night, l was asking many questions and seemed to get all the answers l needed until one night l said ok it’s time to go and he said no, l said what do you mean no and he said no lm not, l started to yell out go you must go and go now, in the end he did.

A couple of weeks went by and l ran into a lady and l told her all about me talking to this ghost on my board and she went off at me big time, no way she said that is so bad and so dangerous you fool, l asked her why and she relied you can really get yourself into some real trouble with them things, anyway we kept talking about this and she said l know a lady in the USA who might be able to help you with the ghosts in your house.  We make contact with her and she was tuning into the energy,  when she stopped and said no way that boy is a poltergeist and he is a really bad one at that, you must get rid of them or he will kill you, and she was gone. She didn’t want any more to do with me and this ghost, l said to my friend maybe this is why l wake up everyday now feeling worse than l did before l went to bed, she said maybe he is laying over the top of you every night taking your energy, well what could l say as l knew nothing about all this.

We started to talk about how to cross these spirits over to the light and l said well l have to do this somehow as lm not going to die just yet, with that l went home, l walked in the front door and it felt very strange, like they knew l was coming for them.  As l walked through the house l could feel the energy changing until l found where they were, they were all in the back room in the corner, l told them it was time to go, l was shaking with fear as this to me was very strange and l wasn’t sure if it was going to work.  As I began to tell them its time to go to the light,  l felt l was being pushed out the door into the hallway where l ended up on my knees with what felt like someone on my back with their arms around my neck, I tell you this was getting enough to make me give up drinking now as l thought l was losing my mind.

That night l had put a bible up in the hall way and as soon as l did it ended up on the floor, so l put it back, again it ended up on the floor so l put it back, again it ended up on the floor and l said that’s it, it stays up here as l have had enough, just then l saw little lights coming out of the book and l said that’s it lm not drinking ever again (10 years and l haven’t touched a drop) then doors started to swing back and forth and l panicked as you do and l started to yell at them that’s it you are all going even if you don’t want to l don’t care anymore, l them somehow pushed them all into a corner of a room and then somehow showed them the way to go home and with that they left and there was calm, wow l did it how l don’t know but it was different, it wasn’t cold anymore, it felt so much better.

My boys came back up and said dad their gone, yes l said they are here no more.

That was my first encounter and l will never forget it, now l help spirits cross over everyday.

I hope you enjoyed my story,

I’m Tony Sutcliffe

The Crystal Staff


A good friend of mine used to live on an organic apple orchid, it was about 70 to 80 acres in size on the side of a hill near Warragul in Gippsland. He would grow the most beautiful apples and we would often feast on them come harvest time, there was about 2 acres set out just for growing trees and there were birches, elms, and many other types of trees that had been there for many years. During winter we would go down and sit amongst these beautiful trees and meditate, we often would light a fire and sit around it for hours just listening to the sounds of the bush, it was very peaceful l must say.

I was called to a house to do a clearing of the energy and after l had finished the lady said would you like a cup of tea and l said yes, as we sat l noticed that she had some wonderful crystal in one corner of her room, l commented on them saying how beautiful they were when she got up and said which one stands out for you and l pointed to one of them, with that she picked it up and handed it to me and said its yours, wow l said really holding it in my hand when my arm started to rise up in the air, l was looking in amazement and asking what is going on and she said she didn’t understand. I thanked her for the crystal and went back home holding this beautiful crystal and every time l did hold it up it would rise up just above my head height. I was holding a class one Saturday when l handed the crystal to one of my students and the same thing happened to her, she looked at me and said Tony what is happening and why is it that my hand is raising up in the air, with that l replied that it is the crystal doing that.

During the next week l got a phone call from a man in Queensland that went to a psychic circle up there, he told me that they were shown some thing that l had and they wanted to see and know how l had made it, well l wasn’t sure what he was talking about and just went along with him, he told me he was coming down on the Wednesday in the coming week and l said see you then, wondering to myself at what he was coming down to see, anyway another Saturday class was starting and we all sat down when l got this vision of a staff with a crystal in it, what was this l had just seen l wondered and thought nothing more of it.

As this was playing on my mind, the next day i decided to visit my best friend on the apple farm.  I asked him if l could go in search of a branch that l could use to make a staff.  He said “no worries” take whatever tree you want.  l said l only want a branch,  as l would rather not damage a whole tree.   l found the branch i was looking for high up in a tree, l have always liked climbing so this wasn’t a problem for me.    I removed the branch and took it home, i then cut one end of it open into 5 fingers,  so that l could place the crystal inside.  Once l had done this, l wound some rope around to pull it all together and it looked great.  Happy with the way it looked, i left it in my workshop to dry.

Soon it was Wednesday and my friend from Queensland had turned up and was very eager to see  in my workshop.  He walked in and looked, and yelled there it is ! That’s what we saw, wow l don’t believe it and it’s the same shape and height as well.  l looked and said l had only just made it and finished on Monday night,  so how could it be that you saw it last week?  Turns out a spirit had placed the vision of this wonderful staff in my mind to make,  so that it could be used to bring more light to this world and that is exactly what it has done.

I’m Tony Sutcliffe

White Light


As a healer l have seen many people become well after bringing light back into their souls through the techniques l use, l have helped many people now and seen some wonderful smiles on people’s faces as they walk away from me.

One lady l used to go and visit was an Old Italian lady known as Peno, she was in her 80’s and a good friend, we would sit and drink tea together and talk as she always liked the company. She had a lot of pain in her joints and found it very hard to get out even to the clothes line, l had offered her my healing help but said arrrr what can it do Tony, lm  old so never mind, anyway l would keep asking and asking, then one day she said why not l will give it a go and see, well l placed my hands on her shoulders and she turned very quickly around to look me in the face, what the world is that you are doing as she explained she could feel something running around in her body, this is very strange but it is making me feel very warm and nice inside. When l had finished l asked her how she felt and she said l feel amazing, we had some more tea and l left.

I went back a few weeks later and she was walking around and had a big smile on her face, she told me she had been down the street for the first time in 2 years and she felt great, that’s nice l said then she said her son had come around to do some gardening for her and she went outside to see him and he asked her why and how was she able to come out to see him, she replied well your friend Tony came around to see me, he put his hands on my shoulders and now lm free to walk again, with a big smile on her face.

We sat down to have a cup of tea again as we always did and we spoke about what l had done for her, l said that’s not all l can do, l can speak to spirit’s as well, really she replied, can you see my Frank and l replied yes he is standing right here and he is showing me the farm he lived on and the tractor he always had problems trying to start, oh there is one more thing that he is showing me, an old tan suit that he wore at his wedding he was telling me, her face hit the floor, oh my god that’s my Frank, we kept talking for quite awhile then he had to go back.

I had gone to see Peno on many occasions but this one was different, she was sad and she told me that she had cancer, she had it in her neck, her chest and her legs and was not happy at all, l asked if l could help her and she said no this time it is too far gone and l will be with Frank soon anyway. I kept on trying to see if she would let me try something new on her and this time she said sure why not Tony and l did, l did something very different to healing this time as l wanted to see if it would work. I didn’t go back for at least 2 months this time as l was very busy but managed to find time one day, l knock on the door and she came out with the biggest smile l ever saw on her face, Tony l have good news for you, it’s all gone, the cancer is all gone, Tony the doctor put his hands up in the air and said l don’t understand but it’s all gone, that made me feel wonderful.

Peno lived for another 2 years without any pain, dying of old age in the end. See white light can do amazing things and there is always hope.

I’m Tony Sutcliffe

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